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European Countries Profile Handbook

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European Countries Profile Handbook Series 

A Handbook series by Motoko G. Huysveld and Philippe Huysveld (GBMC)

​This handbook has been put together by Motoko G. Huysveld, Inui & Inuyi Research Team and Philippe Huysveld of GBMC (Global Business & Management Consulting,, Europe-Japan Business Consulting).

The whole handbook is intended to be a quick economic overview of the 45 European countries and to highlight potential business segments for your business expansion into the European Market.

​It is a Business Guide gathering trade tendencies, market characteristics, major sectors and forecasts of these countries. It also contains useful listings including Ease of Business, Ease of Trade, Starting up etc ... for people considering Doing Business in these countries.

​We hope it will make an interesting read, as well as being informative, giving you perhaps "fresh" ideas on how to expand your business or how to cooperate and work together in Europe.

- Series 1: Western Europe -

​by Motoko G. Huysveld and Philippe Huysveld (GBMC)

​(approximatively 65 pages)

​June 2016


Series 1 ​(book 1) covers the following 9 countries of Western Europe: France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Monaco, Liechtenstein, Belgium, Luxembourg and The Netherlands.

(Brief) Table of Contents:


Characteristics of Western Europe

Overview of Western European Countries

  1. ​France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Monaco and Liechtenstein
  2. ​The Benelux Area (Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands)


- Series 2: Northern Europe -
​by Motoko G. Huysveld and Philippe Huysveld (GBMC)
​(approximatively 80 pages)
​June 2016

Series 2 ​(book 2) covers the following 10 countries of Northern Europe: Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, UK, Ireland.

(Brief) Table of Contents:


Characteristics of Northern Europe

Overview of Northern European Countries

  1. Scandinavia (Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Iceland)
  2. The Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania)
  3. ​British Isles (UK, Ireland)


- Series 3: Southern Europe -
​by Motoko G. Huysveld and Philippe Huysveld (GBMC)
​Coming soon (we welcome pre-ordering!)

Series 3 ​(book 3) covers the following 10 countries of Southern Europe: Italy, Portugal, Spain, Malta, Cyprus, Greece, San Marino, Andora, Romania and Bulgaria.

- Series 4: Central-Eastern Europe -
​by Motoko G. Huysveld and Philippe Huysveld (GBMC)
​Coming soon (we welcome pre-ordering!)

Series 4 ​(book 4) covers the following 8 countries of Central-Eastern Europe: Poland, Hungary, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus and Moldova.  

- Series 5: Eastern Europe (The Balkan States) -
​by Motoko G. Huysveld and Philippe Huysveld (GBMC)
​Coming soon (we welcome pre-ordering!)

Series 5 ​(book 5) covers the following 8 countries of Eastern Europe (The Balkan States): Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovia, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia and Kosovo.

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GBMC's Report - European Countries Profile Handbook

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