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Tribulations Culturelles d'un jeune Européen à Kyoto"

"Japan Series": Livre/Book 4

an (e)Book about Life in Kyoto in the 1990s for a young European,

from a cultural, travel, social and academic perspective

​This (e)Book, by Philippe Huysveld of GBMC, is a screening of Japan  in the 1990s,  from a cultural, travel, social, economic and academic perspective. It is intended at foreign students studying in Japan or at expats living in Tokyo as well as at the motivated reader or tourist interested in knowing more about the Culture, Society, Education and Economy of Japan.

Having stayed 30 months (from Octobre 1992 to April 1995) in Kyoto, the cultural capital of Japan, having travelled a lot inside the country, the author of this chronic wishes, by sharing his everyday adventures and his trips, to give his readers a good idea of all what Japan was offering in the nineties. 

Sharing his academic, touristic, cultural and social experience, from his contacts with the inhabitants of Kyoto and of the rest of the country, the author shows to his readers aspects of Japan little known in the West, details often not perceived by foreign tourists touring in Japan. 

Therefore, this book, with its presentation in 30 monthly chapters corresponding to the 30 months of his stay, full of illustrative pictures, is « easy to read » and targets a wide audience, curious to know more about the cultural, touristic, academic, linguistic, economic  and social aspects of the Land of the Rising Sun.


"Ayant séjourné 30 mois (d’octobre 1992 à avril 1995) à Kyoto, la capitale culturelle du Japon, et ayant voyagé beaucoup à l’intérieur du pays, l’auteur de cette chronique espère, en partageant ses aventures quotidiennes et ses voyages, pouvoir donner à ses lecteurs une bonne idée de tout ce que le Japon de cette époque pouvait offrir.

Partageant son expérience académique, touristique, culturelle et sociale, au contact des habitants de Kyoto et du reste du pays, l’auteur présente à ses lecteurs des aspects peu connus du Japon en Occident, subtilités qui échapperont aux touristes étrangers de passage dans le pays.

Par conséquent, ce livre, par son découpage en 30 chroniques mensuelles correspondant au 30 mois de ce séjour, parsemé de photos illustratives, se veut « facile à lire » et s’adresse à un large public, curieux d’en savoir plus sur les aspects culturels, touristiques, académiques, linguistiques, économiques et sociaux du Pays du Soleil Levant."

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Chronique du Japon des Années 90, Philippe Huysveld




What people say about the book:

5*: "I read the book after my visit to Kyoto"

By Marianne Gabriel on May 7, 2017 (Format: Amazon Kindle Edition)

"I understood a lot of things (a posteriori) about that beautiful city. But a lot has changed from 1995 until 2017." 

And also in general:

"I met Philippe Huysveld as President of the French subsidiary of the Japanese group Yokowo, whose headquarters were located in the Val-d'Oise. I could appreciate the thorough knowledge, by Philippe Huysveld, of the industrial area, but also its expertise on management of a Japanese company. Mr. Philippe Huysveld has also conducted several studies and reference documents related to the economic and industrial relations between Europe and Japan, and has been also an associated Professor of the Cergy-Pontoise University (Paris Area) in the field of Japanese economy, that he masters perfectly.”     

Jean-Francois Benon, Managing Director
     Val d'Oise Economic Expansion Committee (CEEVO)
                                   Cergy Pontoise - Paris region, France

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