INTERVIEW #11: TORAY Textiles Central Europe

“Since our main market is in Europe, we have several advantages to have a factory in Europe: short lead times for delivery, direct communication to the market, easy access for travelling, no time difference, as well as the European Internal Market for Services.” 

“We have been operating in the Czech Republic since 1998. For the expansion of local production with this new technology, we based our decision on, among other things, the good work ethic and professionalism of the local workers. Favourable conditions, including the helpful approach of Czech authorities, also played a role in the decision.”  (Akihiro Nikkaku, President of TORAY Industries)


GBMC Questionnaire (2015) answered by:
Mr Mitsunori Hayashi, Sales Manager,

TORAY Textiles Central Europe, The Czech Republic,

Interview conducted by E. Motoko Inuyi & Philippe Huysveld and written by E. Motoko Inuyi.

TORAY Textiles Central Europe

A new facility in the Czech Republic: a recent Success Story

Japanese investors have long ranked among the most active foreign investors in the Czech Republic. Since 2000, with our support, they have invested more than CZK 106 billion here and have thus helped to create more than 22,000 jobs.”  (Marian Piecha, CEO of CzechInvest)

Thanks to tremendous sales growth (up to 5 times) in the EU market over the last years, the company was able to build a new line in Prostějov, in the Czech Republic, investing roughly CZK 1 billion and creating more than 50 new jobs.   Production started in November 2013 at the new manufacturing facility.

The production of plates for more ecological waterless offset printing is the first operation of its kind in Europe. Mr Hayashi further explains:  “As a company trend, we are focusing on the Asian and US markets, however for the printing industry, we are much more focused on Europe.  The EU market is huge and we are expecting a growth in Central and Eastern EU in the near future.”

He also adds that Germany is TORAY’s core market and that it makes sense to have a factory in the Czech Republic, with easy access to other EU countries and high labour skills.

The output of the new production line is intended not only for the European market, as Toray Textiles Central Europe will also supply its products to North and South American and the Middle East.

Toray began construction of the new manufacturing facility in September 2012. At that time, the company was one of the first applicants for investment incentives pursuant to the amended Investment Incentives Act that had recently come into force. Now, after not quite two years, fifty people have found work here.” said Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Milan Hovorka during the opening ceremony in January 2014.

Finally, Mr Hayashi comments on the EU-Japan FTA agreement as follows: “Our product is very unique and we are a single source supplier in the market. Some of our raw materials are made only in Japan so we could expect lower production cost.”

About Operations and Investments of TORAY in the EU

·         Presence in the Czech Republic:  Toray Textiles Central Europe s.r.o. (TTCE): Manufacture and marketing of basic fabrics for linings, airbag and waterless plates.

·         Presence in France:
o   Toray Carbon Fibers Europe S.A. (CFE): Manufacture and marketing of polyacrylonitrile-based carbon fibers.
o   Toray Films Europe S.A.S. (TFE): Manufacture and marketing of PET films and OPP films

·         Presence in Germany:
o   Toray International Europe GmbH (TIEU):  Trading activities
o   Euro Advanced Carbon Fiber Composites GmbH (EACC): Manufacture and marketing of CFRP parts and automotive components.

·         Presence in Italy:
o   Alcantara SpA: Trading activities, manufacture and marketing of ALCANTARA*, unique covering material.
o   Composite Materials (Italy) S.r.l. (CIT): Production and distribution of carbon fiber fabric and prepreg
o   Toray International Italy S.r.l. (TIIT): Trading activities

·         Presence in Spain:  Toray Membrane Spain S.L. (TMSP): Marketing and consulting of water treatment membranes.

·         Presence in Switzerland: Toray Membrane Europe AG (TMEU):  Importing and Sales of RO membrane element, UF/MF hollow fiber membrane modules, and submerged modules of flat sheet membrane.

·         Presence in the United Kingdom:
o   Toray  International U.K. Ltd. (TIUK):  Trading activities.
o   Toray Textiles Europe Ltd. (TTEL): Weaving and dyeing of polyester filament textiles.

·         Presence in Hungary: Zoltek Zrt.: Manufacture and distribution of large tow carbon fiber composite materials.

About the TORAY Group

TORAY is an integrated chemical industry group developing its business in 23 countries and regions worldwide. The TORAY Group fuses nanotechnology into its operations, using organic synthetic chemistry, polymer chemistry and biotechnology as its core technologies. In addition to the Foundation Businesses of fibers & textiles and plastics & chemicals, TORAY likewise promotes the global development of IT-related products, carbon fiber composite materials, pharmaceuticals and medical products, environment & engineering including water treatment and progress in other pivotal business fields. Under the new long-term corporate vision, the Group will also expand Green Innovation Businesses to contribute to solutions for today’s increasingly critical global environmental issues, and energy and resource issues.


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