​These half-day  intensive one-to-one coaching sessions (600 Euros, 3 hours, by Skype) are meant for busy business executives who want a "crash course online" about a specific Japan-related subject but who do not have the time to register and to attend one of our open training seminars. Of course, you are always welcome to ask specific questions related to your business during the course!

Standards subjects are the same as the ones covered by our open training seminars:

  • how to do business with Japanese (in general)
  • how to negotiate with Japanese
  • how to conduct meetings with Japanese
  • how to export to Japan
  • how to market your products/services in Japan
  • ​how to set up an office in Japan
  • which entry strategy to go for in Japan ...

For more details, please check our "GBMC Training Centre" Page on the same website. Other (customised) subjects can be treated too on an intensive base, after consultation with us.

​For VIP coaching session bookings, please send us an e-mail at do not use the scheduler) with your specific requests and expectations.


​​Once payment (by PAYPAL or Bank Transfer) has been approved and processed, we will confirm by e-mail your order and the timing of your coaching session(s).

​If necessary, you should cancel your coaching session at least 2 working days in advance and we will be happy to reschedule another session convenient for both parties. In case of “no show” or late cancellation, no refund or rescheduling will be possible. Therefore, in order to cancel your order, contact us ASAP at

When booking a paying coaching session, please take a few minutes to answer the "Japan Coaching Session Form" related to your business and yourself. This will allow us to better understand your needs and to better prepare the session.

We also provide other customised services in addition to those above, depending on your requirements. Please contact us whenever necessary.



As this will be treated as confidential, please share as many details as possible.




Philippe Huysveld - 3 Keys to Success in Japan

Consult with GBMC and get the Japanese Market at your door's threshold!

Japan Executive/Business Coaching Service

Under our careful supervision, we will support you in DOING BUSINESS WITH JAPAN by explaining and implementing the "cross-cultural 4Ps"

  • Patience: ​credibility and trust are key and can not be built overnight or even in a couple of months.
  • Presence: you must be there on a regular basis, always contactable in person, as the face and the presence of your company.
  • Presentation: you must tailor your behaviour, communications and "personal branding" to your Japanese audience!
  • Perspective: you must see things from the viewpoint of someone with another background, in another business/social and religious culture from your own!

​Available for (European) executives approaching the Japanese Market, Philippe Huysveld and E. Motoko Inuyi provide personal assistance by phone or (preferably) by Skype on a one-off base or on a regular base (retainer system).

Sample Presentation:

​"Japan: 3 Keys to Success"

As an Introduction, please feel free to check the following content on Slideshare:



​Keep informed of our latest activities, reports, papers, events by following us!



"Philippe Huysveld has strong experience and a deep knowledge of business and management processes as an entrepreneur, particularly in the context of Japan, which is reflected in his consulting, books, cross-cultural training and lectures. He's a real go-to expert on the Japanese business world.

David Clive Price

​Asia Business Consultant &

​Cultural Expert (UK)

GBMC Services
webdesign by Philippe Huysveld

 "I have consulted with Philippe Huysveld of GBMC for the following Japan business-related projects:

​1) Search of European fashion brands and French made cosmetics goods (make-up, skin care, flagrance) for a major Japanese listed on-line shopping company.

​2) Market Survey and Search for Investment opportunities in the Computer Game Industry, the Food Processing Industry and the Game Betting Industry in Europe, for a major Japanese listed M&A and Investment Group.

​As a result, I very much enjoyed working with him and appreciated his methodology, insight, organisation, intellect and timely replies to my multiple queries. I would like to recommend this smart and friendly consultant to anyone in need for guidance and advice." 

W. Consulting (Japan)


GBMC's Japan Executive Coaching Service

What people say about us:

“I met Philippe Huysveld as President of the French subsidiary of the Japanese group Yokowo, whose headquarters were located in the Val-d'Oise. I could appreciate the thorough knowledge, by Philippe Huysveld, of the industrial area, but also its expertise on management of a Japanese company. Mr. Philippe Huysveld has also conducted several studies and reference documents related to the economic and industrial relations between Europe and Japan, and he is also an associated Professor of the Cergy-Pontoise University (Paris Area) in the field of Japanese economy, that he mastered perfectly.”     

Jean-Francois Benon, Managing Director
     Val d'Oise Economic Expansion Committee (CEEVO)
                                   Cergy Pontoise - Paris region, France

"Je tiens à vous remercier pour la qualité de votre intervention, lors de la matinée Japon organisée par le MEDEF Ile-de-France le 11 mai 2016.

​Votre connaissance du Japon et de la culture de ses entrepreneurs, vos conseils sur les "à faire" tout autant que sur les "à ne pas faire", les "do" et les "don't do", pour les entreprises françaises désireuses d'un développement d'affaires avec ce pays, ont été très appréciés et ont donné lieu à des échanges enrichissants entre vous et les participants, dont certains, exportateurs confirmés, ont pu témoigner de la justesse de vos propos en direction des nombreux néo-exportateurs présents." GBMC Japan Executive Coaching Services GBMC Japan Business Coaching Services

Michel Jonquères


-Commission Internationale du Medef Ile de France
-Mouvement des Entreprises du Val d'Oise et MEDEF Val d'Oise
-Comité Val d'Oise des CCEF

GBMC (Global Business & Management Corporation)

Competent, Quality Europe-Japan Business and Management Consulting

Introductory Phone Call (free, 30 minutes)

This service is meant for learning more about each other, understanding/discussing your concerns or problems in the field, advising you about what kind of actions to take or what kind of GBMC Products/Services to go for.

Would you have questions about our consulting/training/coaching offer, this would be a good way to handle them. No preparation (no form to fill in, no payment) is needed on both sides.

​Please understand that not all applications for a free consultation are accepted, as there are limited slots available each month and they are very popular! No such limitations, of course, for paying consultations.

​If interested, please apply for/book a free consultation through our scheduling system:


​General Consultation Sessions (110 Euros, 30 minutes)

​We remain at your service for replying, by phone or by Skype, to your specific questions or for guiding/supervising you in a specific project or process. For paying sessions, in order to prepare a little, we usually request an agenda or questions in advance. Therefore, please fill in carefully the online JAPAN COACHING SESSION FORM hereunder. 

​Advanced Consultation Sessions (200 Euros, 1 hour)

Same principle as General Consultation Sessions but more advanced/in depth and extensive (ideal for "brain storming meetings" or complex projects).


​For Retainer Packages and Volume Bookings/Discounts, or if you have similar requests or questions, please send us an e-mail at

GBMC (Global Business and Management Consulting)
55 avenue MarceauParis, IDF75116FR
Phone: 0033139724606 Website:

by Philippe Huysveld and Motoko Huysveld