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GBMC European Market Entry Services

European Market Entry and Development Consultancy GBMC European Market Entry Services GBMC European Market Entry and Development Consultancy

We offer our (Japanese) clients Strategic Consultancy Services aimed at entering or developping the European Markets. GBMC European Market Entry Services GBMC European Market Entry and Development Consultancy

  • Market Research and Market Analysis
  • Customised Market Reports (Europe)
  • B2B Prospection Services
  • Strategical Marketing & Product Strategy
  • Feasibility Studies (identify business opportunities in the markets and evaluate potential of products, as well as viability of projects)
  • Joint Venture Consultancy Services (identify potential partners for collaboration or joint venture, draw up short list and carry out interviews, negotiate collaboration agreements)
  • Business Start up/Office set up Consultancy Services (plan and implement EU Entry Strategy, SWOT Analysis of the relevant industry, location and cost study)

Example of a Market Research & Analysis Project:

For a Japanese Automotive parts supplier, carry out an extensive search on the European Telematics/ITS market and more specifically on the European GPS Market. Report includes: Market Definition & Size, EU Vision & Policy for ITS, Market Players, Focus on the ETC and the Car Navigation (OEM & Aftermarket) Market Segments, ITS Future.

Example of a B2B Prospection Mission:

For a Japanese Healthcare device manufacturer, first carry out an Analysis of the European Healthcare Market and then, after consulting with our client, approach the selected healthcare distributors across Europe for product & business presentations.

Example of a Feasibility Study Project:

For the same Japanese Healthcare device manufacturer, study and summarize the obstacles & required actions in order to introduce a new line of healthcare products in Europe. Report includes: EU Medical Marking, TUF testing, pricing structure & margin levels, key exhibitions in Europe, distribution network.

Custom-made Reports about B2B and Industrial Markets in Europe

At GBMC, we carry out extensive research into a wide range of topics, producing reports of a high standard, which are customised to reflect the needs and interests of our clients. Using the Customer's brief, we research and analyse specific domains of business and industry in Europe and in Japan.

Whether you require a broad overview of a particular field or an in-depth insight into a particular topic, GBMC can provide it.

Whenever requested, we also carry out Interviews of high-level company executives and public officers.

Example of Customised MARKET REPORT:​

Available on the Net in free access, the following report of ours has been published and is therefore a good sample of what we can provide:

"Assessment of key EU industrial sectors open to Japanese technological cooperation and investment"(Septembre 2014)

by E. Motoko Inuyi and Philippe Huysveld (GBMC)


Report (90 pages) available from the Centre's main website:

GBMC Publications about Europe

If interested in Europe's industries and economies, please feel free to check out our related Archived Reports at the following pages:

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GBMC's European Market Entry Services

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