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1. "Japan Series"

Philippe Huysveld (GBMC)'s (e)Books

A reference series of Books (8) about the economy, the society,

the culture, business, tourism and the history of Japan!

Mastering the cultural, linguistic, social, economic, technical and business specificities of the Far East and in particular of Japan is not an easy thing and demands a certain amount of investment in time and resources.

For this purpose, Philippe Huysveld, Japan expert and senior consultant in Europe-Japan business at the consulting firm GBMC (Global Business & Management Consulting, has written and proposes to you his series of books about Japan, entitled « Japan Series ».

Made of 6 books, available as well in digital format (eBook) as in paper format (paperback), this collection’s objective is to share with business men, students, Japan “aficionados” and the general public about the various aspects of the Land of the Rising Sun.

Book # I: « Lecture Economique de l’Histoire du Japon » (in French)

Book # II: « The Ultimate Survival Guide for Business in Japan » 

Book # III: « MOSAICA JAPONICA: Lecture Culturelle du Japon socio-économique » (in French),  with a Preface from André Jaumotte 

Book # IV: « Chronique du Japon des Années 90 : Tribulations culturelles d’un jeune Européen à Kyoto » (in French) 

Book # V: « Mastering Japan Business » 

Book # VI: « Bridges to Japanese Business Etiquette: Understanding Japan Cross-cultural Management" »,  written in collaboration with Motoko MJ Huysveld

Book # VII: « Voyage au centre du Japon des années 90 » (in French)

Book # VIII: « A la recherche du Patrimoine Culturel du Japon » (in French)

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​​2. Custom-made Reports about B2B, Industrial and other Markets

in Europe and in Japan

At GBMC, we carry out research into a wide range of topics, producing reports of a high standard, which are customised to reflect the needs and interests of our clients. Using Customers' brief, we research and analyse specific domains of business and industry in Europe and in Japan.

​Whether you require a broad overview of a particular field or an in-depth insight into a particular topic, GBMC can provide it

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​3. GBMC Publications :

" ​Europe Japan Industrial Relations 2015 : Working together for a better future " 

Archived GBMC Report for direct purchase
A Market Report by E. Motoko Inuyi and Philippe Huysveld (GBMC)
Septembre 2015

​This report has been put together, gathering a lot of data and information from various types of sources and with different techniques, in order to draw attention to the ongoing cooperation between Japan and Europe.  Not forgetting the decades of many trials and errors of working out how to work together better, efficiently and productively. 

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4. ​​The Japanese B2C Retail Industry in the Digital Age

A Book Chapter by Philippe Huysveld (GBMC)
January 2020

​This Chapter, written by Philippe Huysveld (#GBMC), is part of the new "academic" book published by Springer: “Transforming Japanese Business: Rising to the Digital Challenge”. The Japanese B2C Retail Industry in the Digital Age A Book Chapter by Philippe Huysveld (GBMC)

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What people say about us:

​“I met Philippe Huysveld as President of the French subsidiary of the Japanese group Yokowo, whose headquarters were located in the Val-d'Oise. I could appreciate the thorough knowledge, by Philippe Huysveld, of the industrial area, but also its expertise on management of a Japanese company. Mr. Philippe Huysveld has also conducted several studies and reference documents related to the economic and industrial relations between Europe and Japan, and has been also an associated Professor of the Cergy-Pontoise University (Paris Area) in the field of Japanese economy, that he masters perfectly.” "Japan Series" (e) Books by Philippe Huysveld (GBMC) A reference series of Books (6) about the economy   

                         Jean-Francois Benon, Managing Director
     Val d'Oise Economic Expansion Committee (CEEVO)
                                   Cergy Pontoise - Paris region, France





"Japan series": about GBMC's (e)Books

"Philippe Huysveld has strong experience and a deep knowledge of business and management processes as an entrepreneur, particularly in the context of Japan, which is reflected in his consulting, books, cross-cultural training and lectures. He's a real go-to expert on the Japanese business world. Management Consulting Services Europe-Japan Business Consulting

David Clive Price

​Asia Business Consultant &

​Cultural Expert (UK)

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